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With our erotic publishing house LUST, we are on a mission to publish erotic literature for everybody. Our original erotic content is available as e-books and audiobooks on the global market in many different languages.
By representing different types of lust and desire, we acknowledge to ourselves that it’s okay to think about what turns you on. You might be surprised by diving into our universe – desire can be way more complicated, than you anticipate.
By bringing erotic literature out in the open, we are showing that thinking about sex and having a sexuality is okay. In fact, it’s one of the most basic desire and a vital part of being a human being.
By doing this, we hope to raise awareness of sexuality as a positive, fun and liberating part of life in communities where this might not be something you talk about. And by reading or listening to erotic literature, you may just learn something about yourself.
With this purpose in mind, we work closely with our authors in order to offer a diverse range of curated erotic stories. The stories are published in their original languages and translated into other languages as well.
We welcome all kinds of erotic odysseys and have a wide range of subgenres. Our talented authors also experiment with mixing the erotic genre with romance, historical fiction, dystopia, crime and many more.
Erotic literature is a growing factor on the global market for digital books, and by publishing many new titles each month in different languages, we see ourselves as frontrunners of this genre. We are making sure that erotica is available, safe and free of judgement.
Our e-books and audiobooks are available on the platforms of most of the international and local digital book providers (streaming and download) such as Storytel, Kobo, Google Play, Kindle Store, Audible and Apple iBooks Store.
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Our Cupido e-books and audiobooks are sexy and playful fantasies written by everyday people about the hot neighbour, the teacher, a special night with your husband or wife, the naughty delivery carrier, the innocent flirt from the supermarket, or the cop who gives you a surprising treatment for your traffic violation…
You don’t have to be a Don Juan, a female sex symbol, or a billionaire to picture yourself in the sexy universe of the Cupido stories. This is everyday life where amateurs explore themselves and their partners in dripping hot fantasies, and Cupido has it all. Whether it’s your next romantic evening, exploring the joys of BDSM or  a homoerotic adventure that turns you on – you can find it in the Cupido stories. They will probably exceed your wildest imagination. Amateur hour is hot!
These short stories were originally published by the Norwegian magazine of the same name, and our Cupido e-books and audiobooks are made in collaboration with the people behind the magazine.
Since 1984, Cupido has worked towards educating their readers in exploring and enjoying themselves and their sexuality to live a life with fulfilled sexual pleasure without shame or taboos.
In the magazine, they published erotic articles along with helpful information about sexual pleasure and well-being – and of course the hot fiction stories written by the readers themselves to bring joy, playfulness and pleasure into everyday life.
By adding the Cupido publications to our catalogue, we get a unique peek into the minds of the everyday man and woman and their wildest fantasies and wettest dreams. We are very proud of working with Cupido as we share the same vision of bringing awareness, pleasure and joy into the life of our readers and listeners – no matter your sexual orientation or preferences.
We wish you all a happy sexy experience with the ebooks and audiobooks of Cupido.

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Erika lust

We are very proud of our cooperation with the indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust. It began in 2018 where we encourage our talented authors to write their best story based on one of the Erika Lust films on XConfessions, and this led to our collection of Erika Lust stories. They are based on real people’s fantasies and are guaranteed to make your cheeks blush.
In 2005 the Swedish born filmmaker Erika Lust realized the impact that porn has on society but couldn’t relate to the mainstream porn herself, so she decided to make an alternative adult cinema herself.
Her version of porn films are fun, feminist, beautiful, and highly arousing, and they show that women’s pleasure matters, and that sex is an act between two (or more) people, not something done to a person.
Her films depict a high diversity of actors with different body types, races and ages, and that adult film can have cinematic value. The production process is also ethical in the sense that everyone on set is a valued member of the process and get treated this way.
In 2012 she crowdsourced the XConfessions, where real people shared their sexiest confessions, and this resulted in short films exploring the depth of each fantasy. We highly recommend subscribing at, where there are new films each month.
The written word and the sexy Erika Lust films is a match made in heaven, because your brain is in fact the most important sexual organ. And your brain is a very strong filmmaker – just like Erika Lust herself.
Find our Erika Lust collection where you normally read e-books or listen to audiobooks.

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LUST is an imprint with the purpose of depicting human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and desire in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.
LUST is a safe space for the human imagination, where different body types, ages, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations are represented.
LUST is erotic stories that women and men have the desire to read.
We publish erotica that is inclusive. Erotica for an adult audience that is arousing, sexy and hot. We want to bend the limits of lust and desire. LUST is imaginative and positive erotica.
We support diversity but draw the line at illegal behavior. All characters in the stories are consenting adults.
LUST is all the stories you have always wanted to read, but which have not been published until now.